I have been given so many gifts through the interviews I have shared with you here, from biscuits to basic life lessons. There have been many times I’ve teared up (I’m so sappy), and one of my favorite things each week is reliving a chat through the editing process. I smile at the computer, lots of times I’ll text them a hello, and I’ve also noticed some recurring themes. So as I considered, what the hell am I going to do for my 100th episode, I decided to just be me, sharing a few of those themes. So it’s just you and me today, from my house on a road thawing out from an epic freak Charleston snowstorm, so you’ll probably hear some trucks at some point. Anyway, I hope you’ll take some of these themes into the new year with you, delve into the archives for some episodes you missed, and I’ll be back in your earbuds or bluetooth in a few weeks with fresh content and a hearty appetite. Let’s dig in, shall we?