You know, you never know what can happen over a good dinner. Over some seriously delicious food and cocktails at The Dabney in Washington, D.C. this past December, I asked Bonnie Benwick, deputy food editor and recipe editor of The Washington Post, if she’d like to be on the podcast. And just like that, she agreed. Bonnie joined the staff of the Post in 1989 and worked on the desks in Style, Metro, News and Outlook. The Food section was where she always wanted to be, and in 2004, she moved to that department. She writes the weekly Dinner in Minutes column and the monthly One Pan column for The Washington Post Magazine, and in short, through her tenure has not only documented trends in food, but has really shaped the nature of food writing for the American palate. She is a master of testing recipes for the home cook, and that’s why readers love her -- they can trust when they see a recipe in print, Bonnie has done her best to make sure it will work in their kitchen. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and very smart, and a great dinner companion to boot.