You are cordially invited to a Pisco party. I recently sat down with Master Distiller Johnny Schuler of Pisco Porton, but this proud Peruvian wanted to enjoy the spirit the way he felt like it should be enjoyed --outside as the sun went down, with live music and about 100 of our closest friends. Since he’s very persuasive (and he had delicious Pisco), I obliged. In case you don’t know Pisco, it is that often honey-colored South American spirit showing up on craft cocktail menus from New Orleans to Richmond, full of history and depth of flavor. And in case you don’t know Johnny, well, you’re about to. He’s been a golfer, a race car driver, a chef, a real estate broker, a television host, and a master distiller. Maybe the most interesting man in the world drinks Pisco instead of beer after all.