Cheryl and Griff Day of Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Ga., are my people. You know what I mean, right? For me, it was instant friendship the first time I met them, and through the years, that gut feeling has proven me oh so right. Numerous times after a long day, Cheryl has sat with me as I recounted some drama or another, and listened as she silently slid a Lavender Sugar Cookie or slice of Double-Chocolate Mint Chess Pie my way. And Griff, quiet though he may be, is one of those “still waters run deep” sorts of men, so I always take what he says to heart. But this podcast isn’t just about my love for them and their delicious food; it’s about how and why they choose to bake with love every day. It’s such a central philosophy to their lives that one of their cookbooks has the phrase “made with love” in the title. And sitting with them, it’s easy to forget they are baking celebrities, having been featured numerous times in the New York Times and on the Food Network, to name a few. And of course, there are those the James Beard nominations. Welcome to Back in the Day Bakery, where the cakes are perched on vintage milk glass cake stands, the tables don’t match, and the line to order is often out the door.