Pitmaster Sam Jones of Skylight Inn and Sam Jones BBQ in Eastern North Carolina is a circuit preacher of sorts on the Southern food circuit preaching the gospel of whole hog barbecue, family traditions, humbleness, and care for his fellow man. And just like the North Carolina girl I once was, you’ll hear a little more of the accent of my youth in this interview, because when Sam gets going, I join in like he’s “preaching to the choir,” an expression he’d probably be fond of. But in all this talk about talk, don’t forget about the barbecue. In 2003 the Skylight Inn received a James Beard award as one of  “Americas Classics” and since then has been featured on numerous media outlets, including the Travel Channel, Food Network, and CBS Sunday Morning. We chatted recently in Greenville, S.C. after a long day for both of us, but especially for him, as he’d been up all night tending to the hog, then served it all the next day at Euphoria Greenville.