Sometimes, at least most of the time I hope, a meal is more than a meal. It can be a time to bond, to celebrate, to linger at the end of the day with someone. That’s the world that fuels the creative passion of Janette Wesley and Renato Vicario of Vicario Liqueurs and Wines and Spirits. The couple divides their time between a home in South Carolina and a Villa in Italy, and they are hands-on business owners, from growing the botanicals and fruits themselves to the creation of the spirits and wines. In this conversation, we focus on the liqueurs enjoyed at the beginning and end of the meal in Italian tradition, those aperitifs and amaros and the like that are some of my personal favorites. Our chat took place at BevCon Charleston  (dates are already announced for 2017, so don’t miss that), and Renato had presented some highlights from his book, Italian Liqueurs: The History and Art of a Creation. That’s right -- he wrote the book on it. Linger at the table with us and have a chat about all the pleasures of Italian liqueurs.