Chef John May’s face might be familiar to you, even if his name isn’t just yet. He was a sous chef at The Chef & the Farmer in Kingston for a few years. That’s the restaurant helmed by Chef Vivian Howard and featured on PBS’ popular television series A Chef’s Life, so he’s had plenty of time to get used to cameras in the kitchen. These days, John is executive chef at Piedmont Restaurant in Durham, NC, which is where we met when he delivered a beet dish that bowled me over. In fact, John’s veggie-focused menu was so satisfying, I snuck back in for one more meal before I left Durham after a long weekend of barbecue and fire. And I was richly rewarded by a fish stew with a broth so delectable that I’m still dreaming about it. My bet is you’re going to hear a lot more about this up and coming chef, so get in on the ground floor and get to know him now. And oh, I hope you’re hungry.