In the South, if you’re lucky, you know we can throw a party. The gentlemen of Epting Events in Athens, Ga. are some of the kings of Southern hospitality. Patriarch, master caterer, storyteller, and general ringmaster Lee Epting has orchestrated parties and weddings for many well-known Southerners for close to 50 years. Sons Ashley, the idea man and filmmaker of Black Tie & BBQ, and Daniel, the logistics and all around HYS guy, have helped propel the business into one of the preeminent event companies in the country, much less the region. And what is HYS, you may be wondering? You have to listen and find out. I recently got the chance to be present at one of their events -- the Shotgun Supper Club in Thomasville, Ga. -- and I get what that Epting Event buzz is all about. The food was sincerely delicious, it was beautiful, and it was easy to have a good time. It’s prime party weekend, and if you are worried/stressed/or otherwise anxious about party giving or attendance this weekend, then these guys will get you in the mood with specific tips. It’s all about relaxed fun, and hey, a Bloody Mary doesn’t hurt either.

BONUS RECIPE: Lee Epting's Red Velvet Pecan Cupcakes