You may not know Angie Mosier’s name, but chances are, you’ve seen her photographs. From cookbooks by Eric Ripert to books authored by John T Edge to spreads in Coastal Living and Food & Wine, Angie’s been behind the lens for years in the culinary scene, sometimes shooting, sometimes styling, sometimes doing some writing or even singing on occasion. I first met Angie at a little afternoon party a few years ago, and we chatted it up for a good while. I asked her what she did, and she offhandedly said “a little bit of everything, but these days, I’m doing a lot of photography and really enjoying it.” I went home and looked up the photographer with the red hair and about fell out of my desk chair. But that’s Angie. She isn’t falsely humble but she’s not needing to honk her own horn either. She’s kind, warm, real, and really fun. She hasn’t had a master plan in her life, she’ll be the first to tell you, just a curiosity for the next thing, and keeping that curiosity has kept her opportunities flowing. Angie shares her stories about magic magazine pages, some tips on taking good food pics, and gives us all permission to transition to the next great thing.