Tis the season of sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads and baked goods in the oven. Houston, TX has a sugar fairy and her name is Rebecca Masson. In fact, her Instagram handle is sugarfairy, so she owns it. She’s worked at some big name spots, including in Paris and at  DB Bistro in New York City, and she’s been on Top Chef,  but it was after working at Central Market in Texas, where she learned some hands-on management skills, that she decided to open Fluff Bake Bar in Houston. This is the home of the Fluffernutter, Unicorn Bait, the Couch Potato Cookie, and the Veruca Salt cake. As you know, Houston was hit with a doozy of a hurricane and flooding event this fall, and although Fluff Bake came out unscathed, it then had a flood of its own afterwards when a pipe broke on the floor above it. Rebecca’s still a couple of weeks from re-opening, but she hasn’t stopped baking, or doing pop-ups and festivals, including Chefs for Farmers in Dallas, where I caught up with her at The Adolphus Hotel. My good friend Chris Chamberlain, Nashville writer extraordinaire and past Southern Fork guest (Hey Chris) was at the festival too, so he’s a silent listener on this one, despite the fact that I’m surprised he didn’t chuckle at the “bust a nut” discussion. It’s time to get your sugar rush on, Houston-style.