Episode 68: Margaret Furniss, Caviar & Bananas (Charleston, SC)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when a place becomes a lunch go to and feels well, kind of like it’s always been there, it’s easy to overlook how wonderful it actually is. That’s the way it is with Caviar & Bananas, a specialty product store and cafe that began in Charleston, SC and now has three locations in the city (including one in the airport), a location in Greenville, and is opening one soon in Nashville. Between its big city styling -- think clean lines and lots of stainless steel -- and its approach to convenience and inviting guests to “grab and go” we can forget that there are real people behind these shops. Really nice real people, like co-owner Margaret Furniss, who with her husband Kris, are celebrating 10 years in business of the little gourmet shop and cafe that is now kind of taking over the South. I was curious how it got started, what’s up with that name? how they find products, how the behind the scenes feels, so I did what I do, I asked questions. And we get a glimpse into the intersection of food and business and entertaining and hard work, which is exactly where I suspect Margaret likes to live. She’s a boss, a mom, and a great woman to have a glass of wine with, and she’s just figuring it out as she goes along.

Stephanie Burt

A native North Carolinian, Stephanie grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, on good Southern cooking and lots of books. She received both her BA and MA in English from UNC Charlotte and was a former instructor of English and American Studies there as well. Most recently the Director of Digital Content for The Local Palate, she is now a full-time freelance writer for a variety of publications, a pursuit that continues to feed her daily curiosity about all things food.