You know, I was probably one of those people who at one time just assumed that Food & Wine’s former editor extraordinaire Dana Cowin was a dash of Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada mixed with someone who would never stand over the sink to eat a ripe tomato sandwich. I was so  wrong. That was before I got to know her through FAB Charleston, a women’s conference focused on education and inspiration for the hospitality industry. Dana was open, engaged, she laughed easily, and basically is exactly the sort of person I’d love to have dinner with, and she’s returned to the conference every year since, getting to know those of us who do as well. You, of course, can hear her on Speaking Broadly on Heritage Radio Network, but this week, I get the distinct honor to ask her the questions, and she illustrates how a blend of curiosity, focus, and having a happiness intention can keep you afloat even when you’re floating away from a dream job to your next calling.