I met pastry chef Andrea Upchurch years ago when we judged a food contest together, and I knew that we were going to be friends from the beginning -- she was wearing vintage shoes and little confection earrings. But beyond that fashion interest, she’s one of the most loved chefs in Charleston, SC, inspiring classes of pastry cooks through her tenure at Cypress, Magnolia, and Blossom downtown, and she’s now leading a team to sweet success at The Obstinate Daughter and Beardcat’s Sweet Shop on Sullivan’s Island. It might seem that she can cruise on a candy highway now since she knows her craft so well, but as a mother and a manager, she spends a lot of time thinking about how best to balance her professional pursuits, her team’s needs, and her family’s well being, an aspect of chef life we rarely see discussed but a juggling act that is present in many a professional kitchen. Oh, and P.S. She mentions Jacques Larson, her executive chef, frequently in this episode, and you can hear him directly on Episode 11.

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