Writer for Serious Eats. Pastor at the Church of Pork. And Owner of a Brooklyn Beer Garden with a BBQ Problem. Tyson Ho has no shortage of titles, but his is a name you might not know you didn’t know. The owner of Arrogant Swine in Bushwick and student of ‘cue legend Ed Mitchell, has a self-proclaimed title too: the only yahoo in the Northeast cooking Carolina whole hog barbecue. Although on the weekend I met Tyson, he was joking around, “smoking” a bbq bone like a fake cigar, don’t let his humorous side hide the fact that he has very definite thoughts about what he does, the tradition, and his role in moving the culinary conversation forward. Y’all, I recorded our chat this fall at the NC Barbecue Revival, but it was so good, I saved it until today. I wanted to start off the Southern Fork year with a bang -- a vinegar-based barbecue bang to be exact, Brooklyn style.