The work of Chef Frank Lee in some ways defined an era of restaurant culture in Charleston, SC. Although Lee began his cooking career in Columbia, SC in the 80s, it was his work at Slightly North of Broad that ignited a spark of culinary creativity, meeting farmers at the back door, cooking seasonally, choosing sustainability over set menus, and then there was the shrimp and grits, the perfectly fried oysters, the bright tilefish or wahoo or whatever was coming off the boat. If you’ve eaten in Charleston, you probably know about SNOB, a place where Lee was almost always in the kitchen, always talking to his staff, always, always aware that he was the maestro of this grand food play performed nightly. He retired last June and completed the SNOB Cookbook, his first after 40 years behind the stove. And through it all, he mentored dozens of budding chefs who are now making news and running kitchens not only in the city, but all across the country. Listen as he remembers all their names -- just listen.