I’m guessing that after listening to this interview you are going to realize that I want Chelsey Conrad of Butcher and Bee in Charleston, SC to teach me how to cook. That is probably for a couple of reasons. First, her food is so satisfying, from small bites to big platters, I think, “wow, everything was so good I can’t decide what was my favorite!” There’s the whipped ricotta, the roasted winter squash punctuated with basil and feta, and the hummus? Oh the hummus.  Second, she seems to so matter of fact and calm about the whole thing. Cooking is her life: it’s what she does, what she reads about, and probably what she is thinking about when she isn’t doing either of those. She doesn’t need to look pained and put upon to show you how fancy a cook she is; she is one of those who can make it seem effortless. In short, Chelsey’s a bad ass behind the line, and me, I’m a bit of a fangirl.