There’s something about cast iron that captures our attention. It feels important in the kitchen, there’s the allure of the history of it, and of course, if you’ve used it to sear, roast, or fry, then you understand the appeal. Isaac Morton of Smithey Ironware in Charleston, SC, gets you. He’s the former real estate and banking guy who went for a deep dive into the world of cast iron, so much so that he eventually left his old profession and is now creating some of the most sought after hand-finished pieces in the industry. Since he dove deep, we do too in this interview, really getting technical about what makes a cast iron skillet “right.” But we do it all in a warehouse space out in the suburbs, where you can hear dogs barking, random moving of boxes, and those general echoey warehouse sounds. But what you’ll want to hear after it’s over is more than likely the sizzle of a steak hitting a cast iron pan.