Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery sits on an industrial street in downtown Nashville, and on the day I visited, I walked past a group of ladies, probably some of whom were somebody’s granny, and they were taking selfies outside its front painted facade. I was already smiling before I entered the building, which then wowed me with its size, perfect on-brand styling (check out that gift shop!) and general hustle and bustle. I’m fortunate to have tasted one of the early sips of its Belle Meade Bourbon years ago, and I remember first meeting Andy Nelson at Euphoria when he went to his car to get me a bottle to sample with friends upon returning home. But make no mistake -- this isn’t car trunk hooch! The distillery has been featured in everything from Cocktail Enthusiast to LA Magazine, and Under the Label listed its sherry-casked bourbon as one of the best 50 bourbons under $100. Taste it, and all that press just seems inevitable, just as inevitable  as Charlie and his brother felt going into the whiskey business. In fact, they were basically born into it, and if you listen close to this interview, you’ll hear a scoop of a new release celebrating the family.