With the bright stars, television shows, and lines of cookware coming out of restaurant kitchens these days, it seems easy to forget this is an industry with decidedly unsexy elements: from dealing with health inspections and bookkeeping to handling a staff member who might be suffering with an addiction. Randi Weinstein gets this. She’s been in the hospitality industry all her life, from bartending to serving to director of events for the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, and in this still male-dominated industry, she feels that women often don’t have the resources they need to succeed. So in true Randi fashion, she created FAB, a two-day workshop conference, gathering some of the brightest female stars in the hospitality industry to inspire, teach, and guide other women. Although it’s set to debut in June 2017, it’s already helped land her on Southern Living’s list of most influential Southerners. We deep dive into an industry discussion here (dropping plenty of names along the way) so join in, no matter your gender ID. All are welcome at this table.