Sometimes, food means much more to us than the taste and the plate. We use it as a catalyst of meaning, of connection, and a way to start a conversation. And sometimes that conversation takes us away from the table, like it did when I visited Nashville and sat down recently with Melissa Ann Barton of Mod Squad Martha and artist, singer, and songwriter Emmylou Harris. These two met over good food, bonded over their love of animals, and have now partnered up to get the word out about Crossroads Campus and Bonaparte’s Retreat. Melissa Ann’s new line of bottled marinades and vinaigrettes helps support the efforts of these Nashville organizations Emmylou founded, and although the marinade we enjoyed on salmon was utterly delicious and had moroccan spice, fresh ginger, and is gluten and preservative free, you’ll hear from these two ladies that what they’re working to do is a much bigger conversation.