The more I talk to people who cook, the more I’m convinced that how you’re feeling, your intent when you’re cooking, somehow makes it into the food. That might be a little too magical realism for you, but taste the food of this guest and you know he is cooking with love. Meet him and you are sure of it. Steven Satterfield is the executive chef of the much lauded Miller Union in Atlanta, Georgia and I am his amen corner apparently, based on the amount of times I say an affirmative “right” in this episode. When it first opened, Miller Union was on the on the “Best New Restaurants in America” lists from Bon Appetit and Esquire, as well as Atlanta Magazine’s “Restaurant of the Year,” and Steven’s been a finalist for the James Beard Foundation Best Chef: Southeast in 2013 and 2014. He’s up for the award again for this year. What does this mean? The man makes delicious and memorable meals. His food is elegant and rustic, simple yet well-constructed. It’s not too fussy, and yet, when you eat at his table, you know it’s something special. So is Steven, an extremely generous soul with an impish sense of humor who despite his relaxed air is extremely committed and focused on his craft.