Jessica Murnane is really photogenic. Just check out her out on her or her cookbook One Part Plant, and you’ll see for yourself. But while I always suspect that this was true, a few years ago her sunny exterior hid chronic pain and the feeling of powerlessness to change it. Pain was ruling her life, or rather, making her life much smaller and sadder than she ever wanted. So she did something radical -- she decided to see if changing her diet, really changing it, would change everything. And of course, it did. The journey of this change became a blog, a cookbook, a podcast, and connected her as a food mentor to Lena Dunham. But in case you think Jessica is holier-than-thou with her clean eating and wellness approach, think again. We are live from her walk-in closet (a writer/podcaster life is rarely fancy, you see), and she was real about her struggles to change, to write a book, and to promote it. Despite my personal love of chicken liver mousse and mayonnaise-based salads, I eat plant-based meals (at least one) every day, and I plan on adding Jessica’s recipes into my home cooking. Listen in, and you might be tempted to try them too.