You might recognize Chef Anthony Lamas by sight, even if you don’t by voice. As the chef for 11 years of Seviche in Louisville, Kentucky, he’s been nominated for multiple James Beard awards, been on the Food Network, participated in many a food festival, and is a culinary expert on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. But he is also a man who feeds me well. His food just makes me happy. It’s clean, light, spicy, and yet satisfying, and I love how he explains each dish element with anticipation when he sits something in front of me, like he’s as excited as I am for me to try it. I arrived in Louisville and went straight to his restaurant because I knew a bowl of ceviche would erase the airport fatigue I was feeling (it seems I’m always rushing through a transfer in Atlanta). He calls the broth “tiger milk” and I did feel revived. But I got more than a snack -- I got some quiet time with a man I’ve enjoyed getting to know over the years, and I got a peek into the passion of a chef who is at once looking back and planning ahead and still staying spicy after all these years.