Come with me to chase the green fairy. The following is mostly a deep dive into the iconic beverage for artists, poets, and people who like to imagine they live in turn of the century Paris. That’s right, it’s all about absinthe this week, and for that, I traveled to Lousiville, Kentucky to meet and sip with distilling pioneers Copper & Kings. Copper & Kings creates solid brandies and gin as well, but it was the American made absinthe, and lavender absinthe to be exact, that captured my attention a few years ago. Co-owner Joe Heron and head distiller Brandon O’Daniel are my guides to all things Copper & Kings, and the journey included visual art installations inside the distillery offices, a nip of brandy on the rooftop terrace, and a visit to the basement for a listen to sonic aging, where the barrel room is filled with American music played loud 24-hours a day with the idea that the vibration affects the spirits. It’s all experiential, and that’s including all the tasting on this episode. Bear with me here people -- one spirit even chokes me up a bit, it was stronger than even I am used to -- but we have a lot of fun and learn a little chemistry along the way.