It’s time we all admit something to each other. Based on the number of people I see in the drive-thru line every day at my neighborhood coffee chain -- you know, the one with a green logo -- well, some of us simply must be fans. I’ll go first. I used to pop in (more than I’d like to admit) this time of year for an iced chai tea latte. It was an accessible summer pick me up, sweet and spicy. But then I met Sarah Scarborough. If you’ve had an independent coffee house chai tea latte in Nashville, TN chances are, you’ve enjoyed her Firepot Chai. She started making it 17 years ago, and it’s led her on a journey where, as she tells it, tea leads the way. Y’all, it’s hot out there right now, and with traffic and the news and wanting to be on vacation instead of at a desk, we could all use a serene tea break. Sarah of Firepot Nomadic Teas talks about the power of serendipity, the anchor of a good ritual that gives pause to mind and body, and all kinds of specifics about tea itself. In the hottest cultures in the world, a cup of tea can cool you down, so try a sip with us.