I have one final interview from my recent attendance at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, and I've been saving it until now. While visiting the ATL, I was thrilled to have the chance to sit down with author David Wondrich, and since he is about to visit Charleston as part of BevCon in a little over a week, it seemed perfect timing to talk about tipples. David Wondrich is the The Daily Beast’s Senior Drinks Columnist and the James Beard Award-winning author of Imbibe! and Punch, and is one of those people that, frankly, I professionally stand on the shoulders of (although sometimes shakily, as you'll notice in my George Washington comment). He is a master researcher and can take that dusty research and weave it into a hell of a story, all the while sliding a cocktail to you across the bar, in real life or virtually in recipe form. He has a twinkle in his eye most of the time, maybe because he left a job he hated so much and found one that fascinates him, but through his fascination we have gained volumes of knowledge about the often hazy history of cocktails. And he's a New Yorker, but without him, I wouldn't know the background of the mint julep, or the punches of the port cities, or so many other iconic beverages of the South, stories I find intriguing and delicious. If you might find those interesting too, then settle in for a bit of a "Seance with a cocktail shaker," as David so deftly explains.