Sometimes we work until we figure out what we really do, or at least, it seems to happen that way for a lot of us these days. And more often than not, that next thing finds us when and where we least expect it. Jason Burke of The New Primal changed his life by working in a garage, actually two garages. The first was a Crossfit gym in a garage on Daniel Island outside Charleston, SC. It was there that he learned about eating for performance, or in other words, eating so he could support those lift-a-tire-over-your-head workouts, and beef jerky was one such snack he started making for just that purpose. The second garage was a leap of faith -- the move from his condo kitchen to a DHEC approved garage kitchen at a house in Mount Pleasant where he began his new beef jerky career path in earnest. Today, his company is poised to be one of the industry leaders in the healthy snack market, and so we chatted from his store-front office in Park Circle in North Charleston, SC. Behind him was a wall of beef jerky and meat sticks, and a bookshelf of motivational texts, so I knew this was a man who isn’t stopping until his snack food company is a household name. Join us to learn the story behind a snack that is delicious and even a little addictive, even for someone like me who never needs to eat for Crossfit.