Let’s be honest. Many of us forget about soup kitchens or homeless meal programs until the holidays, when we might consider volunteering or donating resources. But Chef Angie Dupree thinks about that kind of work every day -- it’s her job. She is the Culinary Trainer Director at One80 Place in Charleston, SC. Angie not only coordinates a food rescue program that helps serve 500 clients a day at the shelter, she uses the food that comes in the door as part of a training program to get her clients ready for a new chapter in their lives -- one in a commercial kitchen. It takes patience, humor, vision, and lots of knife skills to do what she does, and she does it all with grace and one of the best laughs in the business. She took the knowledge she had in a catering business -- and with the help of innovative management -- is using it to transform her 10 square feet of the world.

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