There’s a small island off the state of Georgia called St. Simons, full of salt marshes and sandy beaches, and on that island is Southern Soul BBQ, named three years in a row as Reader’s Choice Best Barbecue for Southern Living. You might never get there for a visit, and although that would be a shame, it doesn’t mean that the food won’t come to you at some point. While pitmaster Harrison Sapp tends to the smokehouse on the island, Griffin Bufkin and Mark Hanna hit the Southern food festival circuit as the “Stew Crew,” stirring up big pots of Brunswick Stew and a rollicking good time in many a city, so I caught up with them recently at Charleston Wine + Food to learn all things about this iconic Southern stew from a couple of men who have perfected a recipe for it. Whether or not you decide to stir the pot, listen in for some South Georgia fun.