I didn’t plan on visiting Bakery Lorraine during my recent trip to San Antonio, but an unplanned breakfast turned into something wonderful, and I’m not just talking about the meal. One bite of a pastry, and I knew this place was something extraordinary, and the people making this food were extraordinary too. Boy was I right. Anne Ng and Jeremy Mandrell met on the overnight baking shift at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery in Napa, and now they are bringing macaroon madness to San Antonio. Their approach to baking and to following their passion is inspiring, and not only that, I dare you to not feel like going and baking something after hearing them describe the sounds of a good bake.

I had so much sugar-fueled fun with them that I am working to convince them to visit me in Charleston. I hope you'll enjoy spending time with them too in this recording.