I’ve lived in Charleston, S.C. for 11 years, and even though that’s not really very long, so much has changed in the food culture here that I am starting to feel like an old timer. If that’s true, then Chef Chris Stewart of The Glass Onion is one too, cooking in the kitchens of FIG, Magnolia’s, and Slightly North of Broad before opening The Glass Onion in West Ashley in 2008. At the Glass Onion, the restaurant takes your order at the register, and there’s butcher paper on the tables, but Chris is back in the kitchen using all of his fine dining chops to deliver elevated comfort food that is truly comforting. You are liable to see other chefs dining here on their day off, and I’ve had plenty of meals here myself through the years because I always know the food is sourced well, and well, whomever I’m with will find something they want to eat on the menu. I have my menu favorites as you’ll hear in this episode, and there’s always room for dessert.