It was one of the last really cold mornings in Charleston when I drove out through clear, bright sunlight to Wadmalaw Island to visit Celeste Albers at Rosebank Farm. She and her husband George are famous farmers if that can really be a thing, but she’ll tell you that that doesn’t mean much to her each morning when she is tending to cows before I brew my coffee. She and George have dedicated their lives to providing clean, sustainably raised food to the region, and that’s meant at times they’ve grown veggies, raised chickens for eggs, and raised pigs for customers including chefs Frank Lee, Mike Lata, Chris Stewart, and Jason Stanhope. These days, the farm produces raw milk by the half gallon and beef for their company Green Grocer. We chatted in the milking house while she bottled milk, something that doesn’t stop no matter if you have a microphone in the milkhouse or not, so you’ll hear the sounds she gets to each morning. Her heart is full of love for the animals, the land on which she lives, and the people she feeds, so she has a lot to say, and I happily perched atop a cooler and recorded it all.