There is a dynamic duo of the Southern heirloom crop revival, and they’re busy men, so when I got the chance to interview Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills and Dr. David Shields of the University of South Carolina and the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation, well, I took whatever space I could get, which in this case, is an echo filled room that I didn’t realize was on the way to a hotel lobby bathroom. Nevertheless and despite, these men are so focused on their work and their message, that no background noise or interruptions was going to spoil our chat. If you are interested in any discussion involving farming, history, food production, science, how to be a bad ass chef, or even the damn pursuit of happiness as Glenn explains here, then you need to listen in. These are two of the thinkers, the movers, the makers of change in food, Southern or otherwise, and the way their minds work together is fascinating.   

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