What you’re about to hear is a little like sitting with Travis and me at the back of a bus. Giggles, tangents, and references to past escapes are all included, but that’s what happens when we get together. Chef Travis Milton is a Southwest Virginia native who is about to open three -- yes, you heard that right -- three restaurants in Appalachia in the next year. He’s been in Garden & Gun, The Washington Post, Tasting Table, cooked at the James Beard House, and through all of it, has championed his beloved home region and its cuisine. He is a chef’s chef (including during his tenure at wd-50 on the Lower East Side and Comfort in Richmond). I give him that moniker because he’s a cook who works from a theoretical place, and he deftly wields food as his language. A couple of notes about the following: the night he references in Charleston? he was the one living wild and I was the DD. And secondly: I cannot wait to see what he does next. Let’s get this party started.