As we end the year, we have one more weekend of revelry. While not everyone will choose to imbibe to say goodbye to 2017, there are those that want one more hurrah, and for many a Southerner, that hurrah will include whiskey. I know my fair share about whiskey and cocktails, more than the average bear at least, but for some expert help on choosing and finding and tasting and testing bourbon, I turned to Will Haynes of the Podcask. We met in Franklin, TN at Made South, and not only did he give me a stellar tutorial on his favorite podcasting equipment (and the results here are just a taste of things to come), he taught me how to better read bourbon labels and look for “the good stuff.” Will and his partner The Greeze talk brown water on their podcast and it’s all fun with some intense Southern accents. Still, Will takes a serious approach to building his bourbon palate, yet he’s also not a snob, since he likes what he likes, and sometimes that includes Coca-Cola. Sit and sip with us a while and let’s take a dive (at least figuratively) deep into the world of whiskey.